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What we offer:

  • We have extensive bookkeeping experience with over 25 years in both corporate and small business accounting and are proficient in the  full accounting cycle.

  • Certified (CPB) with the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers.

  • We closely monitor and keep you informed of your companies cash position, as we understand that cash deficits can disrupt operations, delaying or preventing crucial deliveries and services that can affect your profitability and reputation.

  • Our partnership with  payroll services offers you the confidence and security of a large payroll company, with the service and flexibility of a dependable and well respected local payroll service provider.

  • Weekly, monthly and yearly comparative analysis, allowing you to monitor your current performance with past performance, so you can quickly adjust to changing circumstances.

  • We encourage your questions and work closely with you, providing specialized support from skilled industry professionals, supplying you with the data and knowledge you need to be more profitable and the time you need to run your business efficiently.

  • We can work as an intermediary to your CPA, vendors, outside payroll service, or government agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service and Dept. of Revenue.

  • We pride ourselves on providing timely, dependable, accurate and confidential service and value for your hard earned money.

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